Friday, October 12, 2012


Simple truth. I love jewerly. Therefore, I have a lot of it. Over the years I have collected unique pieces from cities and countries I have visited. It is sort of my small way of remembering where I been. 

For a while I stored everything in boxes and compartmentalized drawers, but I found myself just wearing the same pieces over and over again because I would forget what was tucked away. 

I decided to display everything in order to see all my options while I was getting ready for the day. My closet had a blank wall which made for the perfect location. 

I know. A little ridiculous, but pretty! I couldn't just make it functional. I wanted it to be a stylish little corner that encouraged creativity and not an eyesore of clutter.

First, I found a $15 dresser on Craiglist and sprayed painted it to add hidden storage and a surface to keep things I couldn't hang up. Eventually, I want to change out the knobs and redo the surface, but it was a quick fix for the time being.

A while back, I found different sized silver trays at thrift shops. They were elsewhere in the house, so I repurposed them to hold stud earrings and bangles. These two trays were $2 and $5 I think. Not bad!

Next, I made an earring holder out of a screen and molding from Home Depot. 
I could do a step by step process of how to make this, but it was a lot of me improvising as I went along (which wasn't very pretty). I love the peach color turned out. 

The last addition were these hanging racks from Target. I think there were just above $20 combined and I love the wood detail. When I stored my necklaces in drawers, they would end up tangled and bent. These racks keep everything in good shape.

A quick update goes a long way! In reality, all of this was over a series of months. I love how everything came together.


  1. I love this. I just told my mom today I need to figure out a way to display my jewelry. I have so much and wear the same pearls over and over because I forget what is in the drawer in a pouch in the back.

    1. I can help brainstorm. fun hooks and frames are a way to make it a part of your home that is fun to look at and functional.

  2. LOVE the blog S! So excited to follow this endeavor for adventure & creativity!
    Can you do a post on jewelry selection? I often feel like I don't have enough options but I never feel justified in purchasing a new piece that seems fad-ish. How do you balance what's in-the-moment and pieces that will last in your collection?

    1. Thanks! Yes, thanks for the suggestion. I have had to figure out the balance of pieces that will be around for while and one's that are here for a brief moment. I am not expert, so I'll have to think about what works!