Saturday, October 13, 2012


The other day I ran into Target to pick up some shampoo and of course stepped into the clothing section, but this time I went with a plan.

The #1 reason why I stopped grocery shopping at Target is because I can't resist the rest of the store.  I have to say Target is so smart to put in a pharmacy because it's an automatic "hey Sarah, why don't you look around for 20+ minutes while you wait." It is a trap...a trap I can't resist! I always find myself returning items I shouldn't have purchased time and time again. So now I limit the amount of trips that take me to le target. A weekly grocery trip can do some damage!

However, this week I saw this dress online and loved the style. So I knew what I was looking for as I ventured into the clothing section. I love the leopard spots. It reminds me of this one that I cannot afford!

To my excitement, it was in stock and it fit perfectly. Love the fit! The fabric is soft and can translate from a casual look to dressy depending on how you style it. I envision green tights, my brown boots, and a fun belt for styling or a fun blazer and booties for a dinner out.

The price is decent. $28 for a dress that can stay awhile in my closet. So much better than the $188 tag on the JCrew version.

So if you are in the market for a spotted dress, venture to Target (with focus and self control) and try this one on!

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  1. Cute!

    And, amen to the shopping/pharmacy thing. Ugh.

    I walked out of Target yesterday with a bottle of generic Aleve. I couldn't believe it. NOTHING else. I did browse clothes but it was super disorganized and cluttered. I can't do it when it is messy. All neat and organized? Look out Target....