Wednesday, October 24, 2012

anthro aroma

So I live 5 minutes from one of my favorite stores. A store that sells mostly things I can't afford. Anthropologie. So beautiful, so creative, and so crazy expensive! 

I have become a pro at shopping their sale room (I'll share my strategy later). But the other day I found a $15 jewel hidden amongst their full price goodies. 

This sweet mini bottle of Tocca Florence perfume. I've spritzed myself with this scent on my numerous visits to Anthro, but never taken the plunge to buy the $45 bottle.

Isn't it so little & cute?! I've gotten other $15 samples, and this one is a good value for the size.

The packaging is so elegant and even includes a sweet little message
 (of encouragement not narcissism, ha! ).

**Also, for those of you that share the love for Anthropologie, this week they are having an additional 25% off their sale clothing. I haven't been by to see if there are any good finds!**

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