Monday, October 22, 2012

stylish storage

This summer one of my goals was to find more storage for our kitchen. We have a small amount of cabinet space in a house of three girls with a love for cooking. I died over all of the painted china cabinet tutorials Pinterest, so I sought out to find a reasonably priced unit to update.

I looked on Craigslist for awhile, but nothing was cheap enough to justify painting it! And the dread of figuring out how to transport a glass cabinet made me decide to look elsewhere.

Shelton's Furniture in Raleigh is a great place to find furniture that is in need of some love & care. They also have a lot of furniture in excellent shape if you want to keep the wood look and not paint. You can bargain with them on a lot of their pieces.

I bought a mirror, headboard, and armoire for my bedroom the same day I found this china cabinet and got a great deal on everything. I think the China cabinet ended up being $150 when it was originally over $300, but I was bargaining for 4 pieces to get such a good rate. They even sweetened the deal by delivering everything to my house in Durham for a small fee- totally worth it! If you live near by, you should definitely check out Shelton's.

Here is the cabinet I chose. I loved all the curves. They delivered it the next morning, and I went on the search for paint!

I removed the hardware, cleaned, and sanded to prep everything. Then painted coat of Kilz Primer. In hindsight, I wish I had just purchased the paint/primer combo to save time, but this worked just fine.

Little Green Notebook is one of my favorite bloggers. Jenny suggested Benjamin Moore's White Dove one time for a creamy white with gray undertones, and I took her advice!

I used a small roller to ensure the paint went on smooth. Then used a 1 1/2 brush for the edges. I didn't really tape off anything because a little known secret is that Windex will wipe dried paint right of the glass!

I have a lot of white, teal, and clear dishes so I knew I wanted to paint the back wall to add a pop of color. I decided on yellow because, well, I'm obsessed with the color yellow. But I thought with the beige walls and muted dishes it would help brighten everything up a bit.

Here is the finished product! I love the way everything turned out. And in the future I can always paint the back wall to change the look if needed. Well worth the small price and time!


  1. Beautiful!!!

    Let me know next time you go to that furniture spot. I've never heard of it.

    Totally random. 95% of the furniture in my home is painted. It was either painted by me or my mom. We always prime. Lately we've switched to spray primer and it really does help especially with stained or raw wood.

    I am a Behr paint and primer combo-aholic but for furniture I still prime for longevity.

    1. Yes, I'll totally go with you! I have reached my furniture max, but I can help with your search :). I am hooked on painting furniture. Most of my furniture, besides important family pieces, have had a facelift!